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Bumi Citra Permai Offer Rp110-125 IPO

March 06, 2013 - in - By Super Administrator

Jakarta - PT Bumi Citra Permai Initial Public Offering/IPO on their shares to the community. As much as 500 million original shares and 245 million I series Waran, or 41,67% of its holdings, ready to be traded at Rp110-125 with bookbuilding at 2-3 December 2009.
Every 100 new shares holders are complimented with 49 Waran Sari I, with every Waran Sari I gave its holder the rights to buy one new Limited Liabilities shares which issued by pertebel, with total 245 million waran sari I to accompany Ordinary Stock on Behalf which valid for 3 (three) years of implementation.
The process of allocation held at 7 December 2009 and registration to Indonesia Stock Exchange scheduled at 10 December 2009. The statement of effective registration is already delivered to bapepam (LK) on 13 October 2009 and expected to be ready on November 2009.
Seventy percent of the fund will be used to acquire 40 Ha land on Cikupa, Tangerang, Banten, and 20 percent will be used to develop its infrastructure such as land maturation, road construction, and drainage. The remaining 10 percent will be used as operational capital.
With the IO the structure of the holding will change to, PT Bumi Citra Investindo 58,08%, the rest 41,67 owned by public, Tahir Ferdinand 0,15%, Effendi Halim 0,08, and Annie Halim 0,03%.


    PT Bumi Citra Permai Tbk. was founded with PT Bumi Citra Permai Tbk. Establishment Certificate of Limited Liabilities Company No.2, 3 May 2000 (Akta Pendirian Perseroan Terbatas PT Bumi Citra Permai Tbk. No.2 tanggal 3 Mei 2000) before Abdullah Ashal, SH, Notary in Jakarta. The certificate was ratified

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