PT Bumi Citra Permai Tbk recorded 500 million shares.

PT Bumi Citra Permai Tbk recorded 500 million shares.

March 06, 2013 - in Media - By Admin

PT. Bumi Citra Permai (BCP) Tbk is one of Millennium Indutrial Estate (MIE) Group that owns 169,76 Ha industrial area in Tangerang District, Banten Province, at 36 Km from central Jakarta, Cikupa Tigaraksa, which established from lst 2000.
Based on Initial Public Offering in Sumba room Borobudur Hotel at Jl. Lapangan Banteng, on November last year, and based on the regulation ratified in December (11/12), PT Bumi Citra permai Tbk has officially certified its shares in Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI), Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Jakarta, with fresh fund of Rp55 billion Initial Public Offering.
From the fund, PT. BCP will publish 500 million shares, accordingly to the agreement in initial public offering, with each shares sold at Rp110. The respond was fantastic, demand came 1,5 times from the actual offer or 809.133.500 shares. For this initial public offer PT Overseas Securities became the sponsor in implementing the issuer and PT. Pacific Capital, PT. Panca Global Securities Tbk, and PT. Universal Broker Indonesia as the sponsors for effect issuer. 
PT BCP also gives Waran I Series as complimentary for new shares holders whose name also recorded in Allotment List release by Effect Administration Bureau on Allotment Date.
Every 100 new shares holders are complimented with 49 Waran Sari I, with every Waran Sari I gave its holder the rights to buy one new Limited Liabilities shares which issued by pertebel, with total 245 million waran sari I to accompany Ordinary Stock on Behalf which valid for 3 (three) years of implementation.
Edward Halim, the Financial Director of PT BCP is optimist that the company can profit further since the last profit the company gained in 2009 can reach up to Rp80 billion by the end of the year or growing 134,1% from 2008 which was Rp34,17 billion. For 2010 PT BCP Tbk. targets to profit 20% or around Rp96 billion.
In accordance to the target, Edward plans to built ready to build industry lot with every 5.000 sold at Rp.500.000/m2. For industry and ware house (BIG), PT BCP has three standard offers, they are 12x24 (s-BIG), 18x30 (m-BIG), and 23x36 (e-BIG) all in Millennium Industrial Estate industrial area.
Seventy percent of the fund will be used to acquire 40 Ha land on Cikupa, Tangerang, Banten, and 20 percent will be used to develop its infrastructure such as land maturation, road construction, and drainage. The remaining 10 percent will be used as operational capital, this as directed by the Chief Director of PT. BCP Tbk, Annie Halim. 
Besides developing the industry area, PT BCP Tbk. also committed to develop its own power plant to provide the need of electricity in the industry area.


    PT Bumi Citra Permai Tbk. was founded with PT Bumi Citra Permai Tbk. Establishment Certificate of Limited Liabilities Company No.2, 3 May 2000 (Akta Pendirian Perseroan Terbatas PT Bumi Citra Permai Tbk. No.2 tanggal 3 Mei 2000) before Abdullah Ashal, SH, Notary in Jakarta. The certificate was ratified

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    Memposisikan PT Bumi Citra Permai Tbk sebagai pengembang kawasan industri yang dapat diperhitungkan, baik oleh pelaku industri dalam negeri maupun luar negeri, dan memiliki produk kawasan industri yang berkualitas.



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